Stadtmuseum und Handwerksmuseum
16.05.2015 - 18.10.2015
global paper 3 - english version

International Paperart Triennal (English)

The Museums of the City of Deggendorf are presenting for the third time a large-scale exhibition of international paper art under the title “Global Paper”. More than 400 artists from 28 countries submitted entries for the Deggendorf show, over 100 more than for the last triennial. Deggendorf has thus in the meantime become a prominent centre for paper art from all over the world.

For the International Paper Art Triennial 2015 the jury selected 90 artists from 14 different countries whose work will be on view across 450 square metres of exhibition space at the city’s Stadtgalerie im Stadtmuseum and Handwerksmuseum. The Stadtmuseum with its Stadtgalerie dedicated to contemporary art and the adjacent Handwerksmuseum with its crafts-centred approach provide the ideal setting for a show of this kind. Despite rampant digitisation, we still encounter paper everywhere in our daily lives as the prime medium for text and image information. As a support for art, whether drawings or prints, paper shares a long tradition with panel or canvas for paintings. It was not until the 20th century that paper would manage to free itself from this “servile” function to become an artistic medium in its own right. In the exhibition Global Paper 3, viewers can experience the wide range of contemporary forms of expression in paper art and the diverse techniques applied by the artists. Papermaking and the use of paper pulp are featured as well as artistic approaches that work with industrially produced paper or paper waste from print shops or everyday use.

A striking array of techniques can be found in the Deggendorf exhibition, from paper cutting to the sculptural moulding of papier-mâché. The themes addressed by paper art range from social criticism to current political issues to independent artistic statements. New in the exhibition Global Paper 3 are two video works that deal with the theme of paper in a performance and an installation.
Outside the competition, three selected animated films on the subject of “paper boy” created by students in the Faculty of Media Technology at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology will debut in the exhibition.

A richly illustrated bilingual catalogue (German/ English) accompanies the exhibition, available for €19.50 at the museum reception desks or by mail. Copies of the catalogues for the shows Global Paper and Global Paper 2 are also still available at the museums.

Artists in the exhibition global paper 3, 2015:
Greetje van den Akker (NL), Brett Alexander (AU), Sabine Ammer u Anna Kubelik (D), Verena Appel (D), Walli Bauer (D), Roswitha Berger-Gentsch (D), Siglinde Berndt (D), Lucrezia Bieler (USA), Eszter Bornemisza (HU), Heinke Both (D), Angelika Brackrock (D), Stephanie Brysch (D), Ingrid Bürger (D), Gisbert Danberg (D), Suzanne Desbiens (CA), Katja Droste-Zingone (D), Anne Dück von Essen (D). Viviane Fontaine (CH), Regina Friedrich-Körner (D), Christiane Gaebert (D), Sabine Gorski u Fabian Kehse (D), Maritza Granados-Manjarres (CO), Anja-Katrin Grimm (D), Alexandra Hendrikoff (D), Ilse Hilpert (D), Susanne Holzinger (D), Hyacinta Hovestadt (D), Rolf Hucke (D), Helga Jahnke (D), Silke Janssen (D), Eva Maria Juras (D), Irene Karpiczenko (CH), Daphne Kerber (D), Ute Krautkremer (D), Gabriele Kruk (D), Lutz Krutein (D), Catherine Kuebel (D), Katrin von Lehmann (D), Bara Lehmann-Schulz (D), Anna Lorenz (GB), Eva-Maria Mandok (D), Hildegard Mann (D), Paola Manzur (D), D. A. Marbach (D), Kerstin Mempel (D), Christoph Merker (D), Harald Metzler (A), Wilhelm Morat (D), Ruth Moro (CH), Jeanette Mörz (D), Fereshteh Mottaghi-Omandani (IR), Sabine Naumann-Cleve (D), Sabine Neubauer (D), Maya Shizuko Onodera (D), Bettina Ott (CH), Christine Ott (D), Katrin Paul (D), Heinz Pfister (CH), Julie Picard (CA), Zipora Rafaelov (D), Irene Rammensee (D), Erika Reisenberger (CA), Priska Riedl (A), Maria Rist (D), Gerda Ritzmann (CH), Heike Schaefer (D), Ingeborg Schmidthüsen (D), Madeleine Schollerer (D), Wilhelm Schramm (A), Sigrid Schraube (D), Richard Shipps (USA), Hans Jürgen Simon (D), Riny Smits (NL), Magda Sobon (PL), Birgit Sommer (D), Irina Spelleken (D), Traudel Stahl (D), Rosemarie Stuffer (D), May-Lucy Süess (CH), Katya-Anna Taguti (RU), Ismet Tatar (TR), Claudia Thielicke (D), Akiko Tomikawa (D), Helene Tschacher (D), Joachim Tschacher (D), Bruno Weber (CH), Gabi Welters (D), Susan Williams (GB), Franziska Lankes u Lena Zehringer (D), Wolfgang Zeilbeck (D)

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Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday/holidays: 10 am – 5 pm
or by appointment
Closed Mondays

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